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Mining Service

Saudi Wared has significant experience in :

Extracting, Supplying, Transporting, and Processing raw materials.

They specialize and have a wide range of expertise in supplying all types of raw materials (building materials) from quarries, sand, aggregate, granite, decorative stone, gravel and sandstone. All materials related to construction projects, ready-mix companies, factories and other companies related to the mining industry. They are committed to ensuring quality in accordance with local and international standards and choosing high-quality raw materials to ensure the best use of national resources and preserving them.

Saudi Wared also has :

An integrated laboratory for analyzing samples of mineral ores (building materials and raw materials) to ensure the quality of materials, provide alternative solutions, and meet the specifications required by customers.

  • Renting and operating crushers and providing their equipment
  • Operation and transportation of mining materials.

Environmental sustainability in the mining sector

Involves reducing the production of mining waste and mitigating its risks and handling it, including waste from mining pools. Rehabilitation of degraded and visually damaged lands is also important. The company has extensive experience in handling rock waste resulting from road construction and recycling it in environmentally sound ways, as well as restoring ecological systems that may have been affected by previous construction and civil activities.

Saudi Wared also has local and international companies and alliances in prospecting and exploration for various types of minerals and evaluating mineral ores. Geologists at the company have extensive experience in preparing technical reports in accordance with international standards. They also have high skills in designing drilling programs, planning exploration projects, managing databases, statistical analysis, using geological, geophysical and engineering research methods, creating 3D models, estimating mineral resources, calculating mining reserves and reviewing and auditing mineral resource estimates.


Attracting professional human cadres and providing specialized services in the contracting and transportation activity with high quality and in accordance with the regulrements of Saudi business and the interests of employers.


To be among the leading companies in providing professional contracting and transportation services in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia


Executing multiple businesses that meet the needs of the public and private sectors according to international standards, and acquiring many dients with distinction and the quality of service provided, so that our name is a source of trust for them


Efficiency and Commitment

Credibility at work

Complete transparently

Quality and Excellence