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Saudi Ward Company has great experience in dealing with mineral ores such as limestone, clay, sandstone and granite, while limiting the production of waste and preventing its dangers, and rehabilitating degraded and visually distorted lands and sites. The company also has extensive experience in treating the rocky waste resulting from road opening works, recycling it in environmentally sound ways, and restoring ecosystems that may be damaged due to previous construction and civil works activities.

The company also has experience in reconnaissance and prospecting for all kinds of minerals and the evaluation of mineral ores, where the company’s geologists have extensive experience in preparing technical reports in accordance with international standards. They also have high skills in designing drilling programs, planning exploration projects, managing databases, geostatistical analysis, using geochemical, geophysical and engineering research methods, creating 3D models, estimating mineral resources, calculating mineral reserves, reviewing and auditing mineral resource estimates.

Saudi Ward Company has cadres, the company has partnerships and alliances with a number of local and international companies that have a high degree of competence and distinguished technical expertise.

To support its operations and the level of services it provides to its customers, Saudi Ward has invested in a modern fleet of trucks, heavy equipment and crushers that are compatible with environmental requirements to reduce emissions, dust and waste.


Attracting professional human cadres and providing specialized services in the contracting and transportation activity with high quality and in accordance with the regulrements of Saudi business and the interests of employers.


To be among the leading companies in providing professional contracting and transportation services in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia


Executing multiple businesses that meet the needs of the public and private sectors according to international standards, and acquiring many dients with distinction and the quality of service provided, so that our name is a source of trust for them


Efficiency and Commitment

Credibility at work

Complete transparently

Quality and Excellence